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Mar 4, 2013

Research Requirements in Solid Waste Management in Transitional Countries

Rapid urbanization is increasing the pressure on the limited waste and sanitation infrastructure in cities of the developing world. The rate of urbanization in today’s world, driven mainly by these cities is unprecedented and therefore the challenges it presents are much larger in scale and different in scope compared to those experienced in the past by developed countries. To be able to address these challenges, we need new research which can use latest technological tools in understanding changing life styles, public expectations and infrastructural needs, and also to design innovative solutions.

Research in waste management in transitional countries should mainly focus on facilitating decision making. It should be targeted at national policy makers and at municipality level decision makers.


  1. Dear Mr.Ranjith,

    I have been reading your blog for past one year. We are a waste recycling company based in Bangalore, converting waste plastics into wood thru our propriety technology. Also we have developed msw management system based on pyrolysis which has a efficiency of 4MW per 100 tonne unsegregated msw. We are keen in taking this project aggressively to ULBs in south India and the things are in pipeline. We need some sort of advisory and consultancy support to take this project in a big way.

    Can you help us in this regard? Would like to discuss with u more abt this. Email id :- balajik.mti@gmail.com

    MTI Infratech P Ltd

  2. Hi Ranjith,

    Very truly said that "rapid urbanization is increasing the pressure on the limited waste and sanitation infrastructure in cities of the developing world" and I agree with your thought.

    We are solid waste management company in Louisiana, USA . Can you please elaborate little more that what sort of advisory and consultancy support you are looking for.

    1. Hello,

      I am currently with Columbia University's Global WTERT Council. We conduct research on various aspects of waste management starting from recycling to landfilling and in various parts of the world. We ourselves provide advisory and consultancy services to stakeholders.

      However, we are currently looking to build social media into the organization. I know this is not a solid-waste job, but any ideas on that front will be greatly appreciated.




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