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Jan 14, 2013

Article: Observations from India's Waste Crisis

After generous contributions from friends online and offline, I finished editing the report "Observations from India's Crisis". The report is now available in two versions.

You can find the report here:

1) On Times of India here (updated March 9, 2013)

I thanks Mrs. Sudha Nambuduri for providing a chance to disseminate this report to a larger audience by publishing an excerpt of it in the English Daily with the largest circulation.

2) On WTERT's Blog here (updated March 9, 2013)

Thanks to Professor Nickolas Themelis and the Global WTERT Council for allowing me to publish the report in the form of a blog post, which will make it more easily searchable on google.

3) On Clean India Journal here (updated Jan 24, 2013)

I thank the Managing Editor Mohana for the interest in the issues covered in the report and for offering to publish it in their latest venture Waste Recycling India magazine too.

4) On Paneuro - Energy & Environment Magazine here
Username: paneuro
Password: z713xdr
Page: 65

I thank the Magazine Editor Paul Patane for featuring my article alongside articles by Danish Minister for Climate, European Commissioners for Climate Control, Energy and Environment, and other brilliant minds.

5) On D-Waste's website here

I thank D-Waste's CEO Antonis Mavropoulos and Maria Tsakona for being the first people to recognize the potential of the report.

6) At BioEnergy Consult's website, published as three articles here

I thank Salman Zafar and Arafat Aden for their encouragement.

The full list of Acknowledgements and Bibliography of the report will be published on www.wtert.org

Thank you all again for your interest and time.
Ranjith Annepu


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Carbon Dioxide
Government of India
INR Indian Rupee
JnNURM Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
LFG Landfill Gas
Mechanical Biological Treatment
MSW Municipal Solid Waste
NEERI National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
Refuse Derived Fuel
SLF Sanitary Landfill
SWM Solid Waste Management
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WPs Waste Pickers
WTE Waste-to-Energy
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