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Apr 10, 2013

Solid Waste Management and its Impacts on Public Health, Pollution and Climate Change

This article is based on Box 2 (page 52) from the report Sustainable Solid Waste Management in India. An earlier post Impacts of Improper Solid Waste Management and the Case of India published this list in the format of a picture.

Your suggestions and additions to this list are welcome

Well known and well documented impacts of improper solid waste management are the following -

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1. Pollution- a.  Air Pollution, (more)
                    b. Water Pollution and (more)
                    c. Soil Pollution and land degradation

2. Littered solid waste clogs drains, creating
                    a. stagnant water for insect breeding and
                    b. floods during rainy seasons

3. Greenhouse gases are generated from anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes in landfills, which causes
                    a. Climate Change (more pdf)

4. Insect, rodent and other disease vectors are attracted to the waste and can spread diseases such as
                    a. Cholera
                    b. Dengue fever (more)
                    c. Malaria (more)
                    d. Rabies, etc (more)

5. Some health problems linked directly to exposure to solid wastes are:
                    a. Nose & throat infections,
                    b. Lung infection,
                    c. Breathing problems,
                    d. Infection, Inflammation,
                    e. Bacterial infections,
                    f. Obstruction in airways,
                     g. Elevated mucus production,
                     h. Covert lung hemorrhage,
                     i. Chromosome break,
                     j. Anemia,
                    k. Cardiovascular risk,
                    l. Altered immunity,
                    m. Allergy, asthma and
                    n. Other infections.


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